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Where has Charminar ward gone? Why is local leadership mum?

Where has Charminar ward gone? Why is local leadership mum?

With the delimitation of GHMC wards, the wards named after historical places have been wiped off. Saffron mentality is quite evident in delimitation of GHMC wards. An assembly constituency is named after the historical Charminar which is the icon of Hyderabad, there also used to be a GHMC ward named after it in the past, but this time Charminar ward has been merged into some other ward at the behest of government. Ruling TRS and its ally local political party have an important role to play in the delimitation of GHMC wards. The delimitation has been carried out to suit their party needs.

People feel that wiping out the Charminar ward tantamount to wiping out the identity of old city. The local party by supporting the imprudent decision of the government has hurt the sentiments of people of old city. Traders surrounding Charminar has expressed strong reaction on the move. They have to say the old city residents have deep-rooted sentimental ties with Charminar. This move has downgraded the iconic Charminar.

Gulzar Houz ward has also been merged in other areas, where as several names which symbolise Hindu culture have been included in the list. And the shocking part is that the local leadership has kept mum on these developments.

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