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Chicken loaded with antibiotics, warns Law Commission

Chicken loaded with antibiotics, warns Law Commission

New Delhi: The chicken which you eat considering its heath benefits, has been contaminated with antibiotics. Moreover, even the eggs may be containing the harmful substances. These antibiotics lead to drug resistance in your body, the Law Commission has warned.

It has recommended while citing various studies, that antibiotics including coccidiostats, “shall not be administered” to broiler chickens and egg laying hens except under the supervision of a veterinarian, reports DC.

In its report on poultry birds, the law panel has pointed out that it is important that the feed used must be nutrient-rich and “devoid of antibiotics” as it affects the consumer food quality standard.

“There are no statutory regulations at present to prescribe the standard, quality and quantity of food for poultry in India which leads to the rampant use of antibiotics in the poultry feed,” the report Transportation and house- keeping of egg-laying hens and broiler chickens has observed.

The poultry farms are maintained at a constant temperature in India. Any climatic change leads to affect the production of the poultry farms.

As a result of which the birds would be more susceptible to diseases even with small changes in climatic conditions, affecting the chances of their survival.
“Consequently, they are fed antibiotics to boost immunity,” the report says.