Friday , October 14 2016
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China to develop its Artificial Intelligence market


Beijing: With its economy slowing down, China is seeking to reorganize its manufacturing platforms from cheap products to cutting edge technology like AI. China plans to expand its artificial intelligence (AI) products market to over US $15 billion by speeding up the manufacturing of products like robots, home appliances and mobile phones as part of efforts to develop new technologies to reorient its sluggish economy.

Under the plan, China will cultivate and develop emerging artificial intelligence industries, promote innovation in intelligent products and enhance the intelligence level of terminal products. The programme will involve key projects such as intelligent home appliances, smart automobiles, intelligent unmanned systems, intelligent wearable devices and robots.

By 2018, China shall build platforms for fundamental AI resources and innovation and make breakthroughs on basic core technology, the three-year implementation programme for ‘Internet Plus’ artificial intelligence said.

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