Wednesday , August 23 2017
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Chinese zoo built monument in memory of the donkey

China: Last month in June people from various places where shocked to see how mercilessly a live donkey was fed to tigers who tore him apart killing the donkey.

Now the same Chinese zoo has built a monument in the memory of a donkey.

The incident happened at Yancheng Safari Park in east China’s Changzhou city, where the shareholders were angry due to less financial returns and decided to sell off few zoo animals. When the authorities stopped them from doing so these disgruntled shareholders chose to push away the donkey in the tiger’s pit.

A Beijing-English news channel CGTN shared the pictures of the same on Facebook which went viral. Other’s have also shared the video of the incident which invited many comments from across the globe looking at such a ghastly incident.

The video went viral on Chinese media which grabbed the attention of many including the animal welfare’s association.

According to the sources, the latter apologized for the later.

While most people among the 19,000 people who reacted to the CGTN post were disturbed looking at the horrible video many thought it was not such a big ordeal as it was a donkey and the Tigers top the food chain reported the sources.