Chose to be Indian because of cuisine, says Adnan Sami

Chose to be Indian because of cuisine, says Adnan Sami

New Delhi, March 2 (ANI): He is known for his heart soothing voice, quirky numbers and fabulous performances around the world.

And yes, singer and composer Adnan Sami left women breathless after singing one of his favourite hit “bhigi-bhigi raton me” while addressing a wellness conference on the theme ‘Wellness Rules – A Proactive Family Well-being Conclave’ organized by FICCI Ladies Organisation (FLO), Young FICCI Ladies Organisation (YFLO).

While speaking to ANI in an exclusive interview here after recently acquiring Indian citizenship, Sami said Indian cuisine was one of the important factors behind his decision to choose India over other countries like Germany and Canada.

“Yes, I love Indian food and that was one of the reason I chose to be an Indian but I also love the people and every part of India,” Sami said.

“I feel very proud to be an Indian citizen. It’s healthy that people have different opinions about particular matters. By having diverse opinions we are able to reflect upon a solution which would make society a better place to live in and India is no different to any other country,” the Singer said while referring to the growing debate on nationalism.

Talking about his fitness mantra and reflecting on his journey of losing 167 kg in five years, Sami said he was judged for his music and not for his waistline.

“I lost 167 kg and my fitness mantra is to never be apologetic about yourself, about your looks as long as you feel good. Every body is different and has a unique identity. One thing that nobody can be is be yourself,” he concluded. (ANI)