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Chyna documented sad final weeks in videos

Chyna documented sad final weeks in videos

Washington : WWE legend Chyna recorded her sad final weeks for a documentary intended to be about her comeback, it has been revealed.

In the clips, Chyna is seen with a bloody gash and severe bruising on her right eye, reports

According to filmmaker Rob Potylo, Chyna insisted that the wounds were from a random champagne bottle attack at a liquor store, but he believes she was injured in a drunken fall and was too embarrassed to admit it.

Potylo added that he was concerned for the professional wrestler after seeing the videos and her team were said to be in talks with WWE to get her into rehab before her death.

He continued that he now realizes that the videos were cries for help and feels terrible that they weren’t able to save her and added “I love her and miss her dearly every day.” (ANI)