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Coimbatore: Woman laced, raped, killed by friend

Coimbatore: Woman laced, raped, killed by friend

Coimbatore: A 42-year-old Kerala-based woman was offered pesticide-laced cola, brutally raped and killed near Pollachi. The rapist left the unconscious woman in an overgrown scrubland at Poosaripatti village near Pollachi on Thursday, said police.

Public rescued the woman and took her to Pollachi Government hospital for treatment. As her health condition deteriorated, she was shifted to the Coimbatore government hospital, where she died on Friday morning.

According to police, 42-year-old Leela (name changed) worked in a garments shop in Thrissur in Kerala. Leela was married to 47-year-old Sasi, a painter, and had two children. Leela is said to have developed friendship with Sijo, native of Thrissur.

Claiming to be in financial distress, Sijo took Leela’s four sovereigns gold chain. A few days ago, Sijo called Leela and told her that he had pledged the chain with a pawnbroker in Palani. He asked her to come along with him to Palani to get back the chain.

An unsuspecting Leela set out with Sijo on a motorbike to Palani and her life came to a brutal end.As they reached Pollachi on Thursday, Sijo offered pesticide-mixed cola to Leela, who drank it and felt giddy.

Sijo then took her to an abandoned farmland in Poosaripatti village in Pollachi. While Leela was in a semi-conscious state, Sijo raped and brutally attacked her and escaped with the jewels she was wearing, police said.

Members of the public who noticed Leela lying in the bush rescued her and admitted her to Pollachi GH. Pollachi police alerted Thrissur police who traced her husband Sasi.

Meanwhile, Leela’s condition worsened and she was shifted to the Coimbatore government hospital. Thrissur police came to Coimbatore GH along with Leela’s husband Sasi on Friday. But Leela died on Friday without responding to treatment.

Sasi told the media persons that he got married to Leela about 14 years ago and was not aware of her friendship with Sijo. He lodged a complaint at Thrissur police station on Thursday evening as soon as Leelas mobile phone was switched off and she went missing. The body of Leela was later taken to Thrissur for post-mortem. Search is on for the absconding Sijo.