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Congress alone started quota for Muslims: TPCC

Congress alone started quota for Muslims: TPCC

Alleging that the TRS leaders didn’t know history, Congress leaders have said the credit of giving reservations to the Muslims goes to Congress party only.


Speaking to the media here on Friday at Gandhi Bhavan, TPCC general secretaries Azmatullah Hussaini and Bollu Kishan alleged that the TRS leaders, particularly Deputy Chief Minister Mohammed Mahamood Ali, were not only deceiving the Muslims with regard to reservations but also falsely claiming that Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao was the reason for the four percent reservation to the Muslims. They said KCR has no sincerity in regard to Muslim reservations and was neglecting in implementing the four percent reservations.

Reminding the history that then Minister Mohammed Ali Shabbir had convinced then Chief Minister Kotla Vijayabhasker Reddy in 1993 and started Minority Welfare Department in the State. Shabbir Ali also worked as Minister to the Department and strived to include the Muslims in BCs by providing reservations to them, they said. The Centre also started Minority Welfare Department with the spirit of then Andhra Pradesh State, they told.  

In 1994, the TDP came to power and the present Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao actively worked in that government; but never spoke on Muslims’ issue, they recalled. In 2004, the Congress came to power and it also included five percent reservation to the Muslims in its manifesto, they said. The then Congress government strived to implement five percent reservations sticking to its word but four percent reservations were being implemented because of some technical problems in the way to implement five percent reservations. Muslims were benefited in a big way with the implementation of four percent reservations, they said and alleged that Deputy Chief Minister Mahmood Ali was speaking lies. “Mahmood Ali has to make the TRS government to implement the 12 percent reservations if he is really sincere in this regard”, they asked. (NSS)