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Congress planned to stall proceedings

Even before the House assembled, there were ample signs of the Congress remembers’ determination to stall the proceedings. That party’s MLA Sampath came to the Assembly in the car which was damaged allegedly by the policemen when he had gone to the OU to have a first hand information about the lathi-charge on the students. TPCC president Uttam Kumar Reddy condemned the attack on the legislator and said the incident and also the happenings in the HCU were pointer to the fact that the voice of the students, especially of the Dalits, was being throttled. Both the universities have turned into police camps and a sense of uncertainty and fear was raging among the students, he charged.

The TPCC president was learnt to have received a telephone call from AICC vice-president Rahul Gandhi to inquire about the situation in the both the universities and also about the fate of the 27 students and professors of HCU, who were arrested and lodged in jail. Thus, as soon as the Assembly session began at 10 am and the Deputy Speaker announced taking up of the Question Hour, the Congress members were on their feet demanding that their adjournment motions on the HCU and OU affairs should be taken up.

Even as the Agriculture Minister was replying to a question, the Congress members stormed the well and began raising slogans. Despite the Chair reminding the protesting members that as decided in the BAC, the question hour has to be completed and then only other matters would be taken up for consideration. Minister for Legislative Affairs T Harish Rao intervened and assured the members that they would be provided ample opportunity to raise the matter while the House debates the demands pertaining to the Home Department. He appealed to the Congress members to cooperate and not try to derive political mileage by their protest drama. When there was no change in the stance of the protesting members, the Deputy Speaker adjourned the House for 10 minutes.

After the House reassembled, the situation remained the same with the Congress members not allowing the question hour to progress. At this stage, even the MIM members demanded that they too had tabled an adjournment motion on the same issue and wanted a discussion on this first as it was a matter of importance concerning the Dalit students. Having found support from the MIM too on the issue, the Congress members stepped up their slogan chanting and protests in the well of the House. This forced the second adjournment for another 10 minutes.
When the House reassembled and the Chief Minister too was present, the Deputy Speaker announced postponement the question hour since already 90 minutes have been lost. She reiterated her appeal to the Congress members to resume their seats and advised them to express their views and concerns on the HCU and OU affairs while participating in the debate on the demands of the Home Department. However this did not have any impact on the protesting members. Leader of the Opposition K. Jana Reddy reminded that they had been cooperating with the government all these days despite many of their adjournment motions were rejected as they wanted the House to continue its business peacefully. However, since the HCU and OU issues were of a special nature and that too when their party member was attacked and his vehicle was damaged, it was of paramount importance to take up their adjournment motion, he observed.

The Chief Minister intervened to pacify the agitated Congress members by stating that everyone should condemn the alleged attack on the Congress member Sampath and investigations would be launched to find out those responsible for it. The happenings in both the HCU and OU are very unfortunate and every one should be concerned about it. Even as he was continuing his speech, the Congress members indulged in slogan shouting. This made the Chief Minister to quip that everyone can raise slogans, but this was not the way to resolve any issue. He appealed to the Congress members to resume their seats and allow debate on the Home demands and could raise the issue and as much time they wanted would be given. “In fact, even our (TRS) members would like to express their views, he observed.