Conspiracy for communal riots in Gujarat and Karnataka before elections

Conspiracy for communal riots in Gujarat and Karnataka before elections

Hyderabad: Politician can go any extent for assuming power. For the past three years, it is seen in various cities and states that a strategy is being adopted to consolidate voters on the basis of religion. Following this strategy, an attempt is being made to disrupt the communal harmony by engineering riots.

BJP and its outfits are proving dangerous for disrupting communal harmony in the country. If the State governments are alert, such activities could be curbed.

Now that the elections in Gujarat and Karnataka are about to be held, an attempt is being made to disrupt the peaceful atmosphere in these states. Recently, a Muslim youth was set ablaze in Karnataka. There are reports that in similar incidents, minorities are being targeted in Gujarat. The incident of the attack on the bus of Amarnat Yatris also belongs to Gujarat. In the same manner, plans are being made to disrupt law and order situation in Telangana also. There are reports that in the surrounding areas of Hyderabad, activities of communal nature are taking place. In districts also such incidents are occurring. In Hyderabad City, an attempt was made during Ramadan to disrupt the law and order situation but due to the alertness of the Dept. of police situation was controlled. It is being said that communal elements are trying to disrupt the peaceful atmosphere of the city. In order to curb such activities, stern actions are essential.

It may be mentioned that before UP elections, a series of communal riots took place and now in West Bengal, communal riots are being engineered which is horrifying.

In Delhi, Haryana and Punjab, such communal riots were organized before elections to polarize voters on communal basis. In Bhadrak area of Odisha such communal incidents have taken place. Hubli district of Karnataka is supposed to be a sensitive area where there are reports of communal tension. In Telangana, at Adilabad, Nizamabad, Kamareddy, Bhainsan and also Hyderabad city are treated as very sensitive areas wherein State Govt. has to be very alert in order to maintain the Ganga Jamuna Civilization.

Authentic sources indicated that intelligence agency of Hyderabad City Police is reviewing the law and order situation. The contents posted on Whatsapp and Facebook to spread communal violence are also being reviewed scrupulously.

–Siasat News