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Couple in love commits suicide under pressure and rumours


Hyderabad: Unable to bear her families persistent pressure, the girl committed suicide which was followed by her distant relative cum lover’s suicide in Saudi Arabia.

The five-year-old love story came to its tragic end when the girl Vennela committed suicide in March and the 26-year-old Rajashekar ended his life four days later in Saudi Arabia.

However, the Telangana Jagruthi Saudi Arabia Unit helped the deceased family with the formalities required to bring his dead body.

About five years ago Kunta Rajashekar a graduate from Jagital district who was a marketing executive in the same district fell in love with distant relative Venna. He had to leave for Saudi four years ago when his dad who was also working in Saudi, found him a good job. His father Kunta Rajanna has been working in Saudi Arabia for more than 10 years. The bond grew, even more, stronger between the couple when Rajashekar moved to Saudi.

They even got their families nod for their wedding. But as Rajashekar had to leave to join the job he promised Venna that he would marry her on his return.

After working for two years in Saudi he came back. He had to leave for work in Saudi after six months.

Unfortunately he could not marry her before returning to Saudi. This has made the girl’s family to pressurize her to marry another man. The girl unable to bear the pressure committed suicide at her home.

The girls family blamed Rajashekar for their daughter’s death and posted the same on FB. The boy who was already depressed for losing the girl on hearing this rumour ended his life four days later in Saudi.

His body arrived at his home after Telangana Jagruti Gulf Unit intervened and helped his family to shift his body to the state, DC reported.