Saturday , August 19 2017
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Cow vigilantes to be issued ID cards in Haryana

Chandigarh: In order to take action against fake gau rakshaks, the BJP government in Haryana says it is making an effort to identify the genuine ones. They may even be issued identity cards in the state, where cow slaughter is a criminal offence and a 24-hour helpline operates to prevent cattle smuggling.

Bhani Ram Mangla, Haryana’s Cow Welfare Commission chairperson said “We have ordered police verification of cow protectors in all districts. This will help us distinguish cow protectors from vigilantes who break the law. The police will check if such people have any criminal backgrounds and whether they are attached with bona fide non-profits involved in cow protection.”

Haryana was the first state in the country to set-up a Cow Welfare Commission and has a special police task force to monitor killing of cows and cattle smuggling. The volunteers are expected to help the Commission by reporting instances of cow killing and cattle smuggling to the police.