Monday , August 21 2017
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CPI condemns Bajrang Dal’s Arms Training Camps in UP

Describing the Bajrang Dal as an ultra right wing extremist Hindutva outfit, the Communist Party of India (CPI) condemned the Bajrang Dal’s arms training camps in several parts of Uttar Pradesh.


The CPI conducted national executive meeting at Ajoy Bhavan, the national headquarter of the party on May 28 and 29. Kerala State Council senior leader Kanam Rajendran presided over the meeting. After serious discussions and discourse, the executive adopted the following four resolutions—it condemned Bajrang Dal camps and activities; Prime Minister Narendra Modi should call all-party meeting on drought; attack on Left forces in Kerala; post poll violence in West Bengal; concern at the increasing violence against African people.


In a press note, CPI general secretary Suravaram Sudhakar Reddy said that Uttar Pradesh was going to Assembly polls in 2017. Sangh Parivar outfits have already become aggressive and determined to polarize people on communal lines. Bajrang Dal was in the forefront to target and terrify the minorities, particularly Muslims and also Daliths. The situation, if it continues unchallenged will lead to further communal strife in Uttar Pradesh, which was already witnessing several incidents of communal violence. Suravaram alleged that the BJP leaders were speaking in forked tongue on the issue and take an hypocratic position patronizing these extremist Hindutva outfits.

Finding fault with the Uttar Pradesh governor for justifying the what Bajrang Dal has been doing. This was totally unbecoming of governor holding the constitutional position. The governor was making remarks repeatedly in support of such communal forces. His position as governor has therefore become untenable and he should step down. Suravaram demanded the president of India should take note of the conduct of the governor. He also demanded the Uttar Pradesh government and the Central government to take strong actions under appropriate laws against these forces particularly those orgnaisers of the arms training camps which pose grave threat to the secular fabric and social harmony in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

Suravaram said that the country was reeling under unprecedented drought situation and severe hot waves across all regions. Thousands of people have died due to hot waves and it was a matter of great concern. The most of the casualties have taken to toll of poor people and they lost their bread earners. Millions of live stock affected and lakhs of thousands died in absence of fodder. The Centre and state governments have failed to extend any concrete monetary support or jobs to the affected families. CPI demanded that more funds to be allocated to states under MNREGA and speedy job creation in rural areas and they should be paid urgently including their arrears. The central government must have a special urgent package to help the crore of people of geographical area of Bundelkhand which includes the districts of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. Centre and state governments’ agencies must take up the urgent and speedy steps for large scale water harvesting initiatives keeping in mind the coming monsoon. Drought hit areas farmers’ loans of PSU’s and cooperative banks should be waived. The Communist Party of India was of the view that the meeting with Chief Ministers’ and government officials with Prime Minister has not brought desired results to help drought affected people. Hence an all parties national meeting must be called by the Prime Minister at the earliest. (NSS)