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Crime In Hyderabad (13.4.2016)

Woman ends life after divorce

(Siasat News): A woman in Malkajgiri committed suicide after being divorced by her husband.

Police sources said that the deceased Amruta, 32, was the wife of one Venu Gopal of Malkajgiri and a teacher by profession.

The duo got married in 2007 and had a daughter. However, in 2014, some differences emerged between husband and wife and Amruta had started living separately and later she was divorced by her husband.

Amruta was under mental pressure ever since as she could not adjust her loneliness after the divorce. Yesterday, she took the extreme step of ending her life.

Police is further investigating.

Man pressurized to leave mistress, ends life

(Siasat News): A man who was under pressure to leave his mistress ultimately committed suicide.

This incident occurred in Saifabad police limits where one Andrew Joseph, 32, hanged himself to death.

The deceased was the son of one Swaminathan of Chintal Basthi and was a private electrician. He got married with Mary and had three children.

In the meantime, he had developed illicit relations with another woman that became the cause of worry for Mary and other family members.

They all started pressurizing him to leave his mistress once and for all. A dejected Andrew took the extreme step of ending his life.

Police is investigating.

Accidental deaths of two minors

(Siasat News): Two minors died accidentally in two different incidents occurred at Sanathnagar and Maheshwaram in Cyberabad.

According to Sanathnagar police, 6-year-old Mohd. Siraj son of Mohd. Azmatuallh of Borabanda was playing in his house unmindful of a hot water pot boiling for someone in the family for bathing purpose.

During the play, he accidentally hit the pot and the boiling water was there on his entire body. Siraj was severely burnt. He was immediately taken to a hospital where he died during the treatment.

Maheshwaram police said that 9-year-old Vaishali daughter of Swamy, was playing in the field where her parents were busy in sowing the seeds.

Vaishali was playing with a rope and accidentally that rope itself became the noose and she was severely affected. She was also taken to the hospital where she died during the treatment.

Further investigations are underway.

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