Crime Crime in Hyderabad

Crime In Hyderabad (28.9.2016)

Crime In Hyderabad (28.9.2016)

Girl student ends life

(Siasat News): In a bizarre incident in Musheerabad a girl student committed suicide as she was very upset over the arguments going on between her father and grandmother.

As per the details, the deceased Ravalika, 20, a student of Inter I Year, has been living with her paternal grandmother after the death of her mother.

His father used to come to meet both her and his mother. Yesterday, when her father came to the house as usual, there was heated argument exchanged by her father and grandmother.

Ravalika was witnessing all these abnormality as it never happened earlier. She was so dejected that she took the extreme step of ending her life.

Police is yet to ascertain that what kind of argument took place between the father and the grandmother of the deceased. Further investigations are on.

Girl student fell off the building, dies

(Siasat News): A girl student fell off the building in suspicious circumstances in Rajendranagar police limits.

It is said that one Alekya, 16, was the daughter of one Srinivas and studying in Intermediate. Recently, her father has constructed a five-storey building.

In the meantime, some of her relatives had come to meet them. Alekya took all of them to show their new building. However, when they reached 5th floor of the building, she lost her balance in such a manner where she could not control and fell on the ground with a big thud.

Unfortunately, when she was falling, she came into contact with a live electric wire dangling near the building in which she had sustained burn injuries.

She was shifted to the hospital where she died during the treatment. A case has been registered and further investigations are on.

Worried husband commits suicide as wife did not return

(Siasat News): A worried husband committed suicide as his wife had not returned home from her parent’s house. This incident occurred in Balanagar where Raju, 25, took the extreme step.

The deceased was the resident of Gautam Nagar. The husband and wife were always at the loggerheads and used to fight a lot. Over this, she had gone to live with her parents six months back.

However, Raju persuaded her to come back to his house on September 25. The irony of it is that when his wife came back, he hanged himself to death.

Police has registered a case and further investigations are in progress.

Assaulted by neighbours, veg. vendor ends life

(Siasat News): A man who was beaten by his neighbours on the basis of suspicion, committed suicide as he felt humiliated. This incident occurred in Jagatgirigutta police limits.

Police said that the deceased Raheem, 18, was a vegetable vendor and residing at Indira Nagar. Yesterday, he was holding the hand of a minor girl and walking towards the cemetery when some people of the locality spotted the duo.

They severely beat him on the suspicion that he might have gone there with the girl with some indecent intentions. Raheem felt humiliated and hanged himself to death.

Police is further investigating.

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