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Damodara for implementation of Land Acquisition Act of 2013

Alleging that the G.O. No.123 as a danger one, former Deputy Chief Minister Damodara Rajanarasimha demanded the National SC Commission to implement the Land Acquisition Act-2013 to ensure justice to every ouster.


  Rajanarasimha, on Monday, argued in front of the SC Commission member Kamalamma at Ameerpet, alleging that the state government was not implementing the then Congress government’s Land Acquisition Act-2013 and implementing G.O.No.123 to acquire land illegally. Due to G.O.No.123, Daliths, farm laborer and others were losing severely. He explained that Daliths were meted out injustices due to Mallannasagar, Palamuru-Rangareddy and Mucharla Pharma City. He lodged a complaint with the SC Commission member in this regard. Arguing on the occasion, Rajanarasimha demanded the government has to recognize every person depends on land as a victim of projects as per Land Acquisition Act-2013 and provide compensation.

He said that previous Congress governments were allotted assigned lands for their lively hood but the present government was not giving compensation to the oustees of assigned lands in projects. The assigned land owners were losing their lively hood now due to land acquisition for the projects. He questioned the Commission member to tell the fate of farm labor, who live depending upon farmers, if the lands were acquired from the farmers by the government. The main losers were daliths only, he said and asked the Commission to make the government to pay the compensation implementing Land Acquisition Act-2013 and to see that the government not to implement G.O.No.123. (NSS)