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DCW, Delhi Police hold meet to ascertain ‘ownership’ of brothels

DCW, Delhi Police hold meet to ascertain ‘ownership’ of brothels

New Delhi: Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) chief Swati Maliwal has been holding a series of meetings with all the concerned persons regarding the issue of human trafficking in Delhi.

In a meeting held a week back in the Commission, it was brought to the notice of the chairperson that the Delhi Police are finding it difficult to ascertain the actual owners of the brothels.

Under the law, if a minor is rescued from the brothel, the brothel should be closed and an FIR should be registered against the owners.

However, in case of G.B. road, these owners are untraceable.

FIRs are therefore registered against people identifying them as ‘Managers’ in the brothels who many times are sex workers themselves and have been living in the brothels since long.

It is suspected that the real owners of the brothels run huge trafficking rackets and remain hidden from the system.

The chairperson learnt that the newly appointed SHO Kamla Market, Rakesh Kumar had written letters to DJB, North MCD, BSES Yamuna Power Ltd. and Sub Registrar to ascertain the real owners of the brothel.

The Registrar Office of District Central informed the SHO that unless transaction details of the property are provided, they cannot ascertain the owners.

BSES informed the SHO that the records of ownership of electricity connections are not readily available and are old and dumped in their office.

Maliwal was shocked to know that basic information about the ownership of the brothels seemed to be not available with either the Delhi Police or other agencies.

The Commission therefore called a meeting comprising of ADM Central, SDM, Delhi Jal Board, BSES, MCD, Delhi Police (SHO) and NGO representative yesterday to discuss the same.

The objective was to discuss the modalities of identifying the owner of all the brothels situated at the G.B. road.

It was decided in the meeting that the ADM will inform the Commission of the land owning agency and the real owners of the brothels. DJB and BSES have been directed to inform them.

The SHO was also asked to carry out interrogations with the brothel managers to ascertain the owners of the place.

The problem of illegal and hidden multiple entries and exits into the brothels was also highlighted.

It was also brought to the notice of North MCD by NGO partners that the condition in the brothels including stairs and lights are very bad and illegal construction is being carried out in the brothels in an inhuman manner which is leading to severe health problems, including tuberculosis.

North MCD has been asked to submit the approved building plan, the changes that have been made in the buildings subsequently and the details of the inspections carried out to identify the ‘tehkhanas’/ hidden cells.

North MCD has also been asked to form a team involving ADM, SHO, DCW and NGO representatives to undertake an exercise for identifying the ‘tehkhanas’ / tunnels within the brothels wherein women and girls are hidden at the time of police raids.

To check criminal activities, the SHO has requested for the creation of high mast lights on G.B. Road and PWD has been asked to respond on the same.

The next meeting will be held in less than two weeks and all officers have been directed to bring all the relevant records to the same.

Through this effort, the Commission aims to ensure that no women especially minors are trafficked.

It is important to identify the real owners of the place to assess their involvement in trafficking operations.

Maliwal said that she is shocked to note that neither Delhi Police nor any other agency in Delhi seems to know the real owners of the Brothels.

Recently, two Nepali girls were rescued from the brothel at G.B. Road.

FIR has been registered against the manager of the brothel as the real owner is untraceable.

It is suspected that there is a huge nexus herein and the owners maybe deeply involved in trafficking operations in Delhi. (ANI)