Thursday , August 17 2017
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Denotified community people meet on OU campus

Denotified community national commission Chairman Bhikuramjee Idathy today promised the Denotified community people to provide reservations to them. The commission would talk to all the State governments for well-being of this community people, he added.
Bhikuramjee Idathy reminded that the Maharashtra government had appointed a commission for studying living standards of Denotified community people in Maharashtra in 1999. Based on the commission’s report, the Maharashtra government implemented the commission report through the Maharashtra High Court.
ABVP leader G. Laxman said ABVP has conducted a survey on the Denotified community people’s lifestyle and their well-being. The ABVP would fight against the Centre, he added. Telangana State Denotified Community people would meet on the Osmania University campus under the ABVP Baghyanagar branch. Survey members Bala Raju, Ram Mohan, Sanchara Jathula Rastra president Laxmi Narayana and others were participate. (NSS)