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Desperate for Umrah, Man walks from Paris to Makkah

Desperate for Umrah, Man walks from Paris to Makkah

Ishaq is expected to reach Makkah in 50 days after five and a half months of journey

Manama: Ishaq started walking from France to Makkah to perform Umrah has left Kuwait and entered Saudi Arabia.

He has reportedly covered more than 9,000 kilometres till now.

He said that he expects to reach his destination i.e Makkah within 50 days based on scientific calculations, Kuwaiti daily Al Rai reported on Sunday.

Ishaq said that the main challenges he had encountered crossing the high mountains. Though the report did not specify which countries he passed through on his journey.

Moreover, at one time, he had to face a snow storm and had to hide inside his small tent. The weather was so cold that he could not feel his hands or feet.

Ishaq budgeted 5,000 Euros for his trip (approximately 10 Euros a day) for his trip. He reportedly refused to take money from people he encountered on his journey.

More such incidents include the following:

Arrival of a Chinese Muslim in Makkah in August after pedaling more than 8.500 kilometres from his home in Xinjiang, in northwest China, to perform Haj.

In 2014, a group of Malaysians rode their bicycles from Kuala Lumpur to Madinah in western Saudi Arabia.

The 12 men left from the Malaysian capital and made their way on eight motorbikes and a small van across 12 countries with stops in 53 cities.

The group said the two-month ride was mostly smooth and that the only serious problems they encountered were at the borders of the countries they crossed.