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Dholpur village Panchayat bans girls from wearing jeans and using cell phones

Jaipur: Times where girls are proving equally competent with boys in every aspect, the society in India still seems to date back to those old times where a girl is ordered to dress according to the societies norms but the guys are not asked to lower their gaze.

Similar is the case in Rajasthan’s Dholpur village where the village panchayat has specifically asked girl’s from the village to stop wearing jeans and also stop using cell phones.

The panchayat members decided that in order to end cases of molestation, girls should stop wearing jeans and “attractive clothes”, including the use of mobile phones.The panchayat said as all this is “ruining our culture.”

The Baldiyapura panchayat which falls under Sepmau sub-division has also initiated ban on alcohol, with announcing Rs 1000 fine on those caught consuming alcohol along with the new dressing rules for the village girls. The panchayat also offered a reward of Rs 500 for those who would inform about the sale and consumption of alcohol. The ban on Gutka pouches will also come into force in the village.

It has also asked the village people to address their issues to the Panchayat rather than approaching Police. If at all the Panchayat fails to solve their issues they can then approach the Police.

Talking about to the panchayat’s decision, it has made it clear that the panchayat will forcibly implement the rule in the village and the parents had been asked to monitor their daughter’s activity and avoid giving in to their choice of wearing western clothes and using cell phones.

Panchayat Sarpanch Kanasil Hariom Singh Parmar told “Good decisions were taken by the panchayat to eradicate social evils. Incidents of rape and molestation are on the rise as women wear attractive clothes.”
The panchayat seems too stern with its new rules being implemented in the village as they have also appointed members to make sure that the villagers abide by the new rules and action and failing of which action will be taken against those not following the rules. The panchayat also planned meeting on the first day of every month to discuss the developments.

Similar initiatives are being planned in near by villages as well.

Baldiyapura, which is dominated by the Kushwaha community, has a population of around 2,500. The same initiatives will soon be implemented in other villages under Kansil panchayat.

Dhaniram Kushawaha, a panchayat member said “Our aim to do away with all bad habits in the village. We have put a ban on girls wearing jeans and attractive clothes for the overall development of the village.”

The Baldiyapur has about 2,500 villagers in its community which is led by the Kushwala community.

Talking about the panchayat’s decision, Block development officer Vinay Singh said he is investigating the matter as he was not aware of the panchayat’s decisions.

Vinod Kumar Meena, speaking about the initiatives taken by the Panchayat on ban of consumption and sale of alcohol in the village said, that was a good move but forcing the girls not to wear jeans, banning it and the use of mobiles is against law said the additional district collector.

She said “We have not received any complaint, but will consider legal action against them (panchayat members) after getting a complaint”, Hindustan times reported.