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Donald Trump’s nude painting: Banned in US, showing in London

Donald Trump’s nude painting: Banned in US, showing in London

Johannesburg: After it was censored in the United States, the painting depicting a nude Donald Trump went on show in London recently.

The creators of the painting claimed that they have received a thousand death threats from Trump’s supporters, reports

Los-Angeles based artist Illma Gore’s ‘Make America Great Again,’ named after the Republican candidate’s campaign slogan, went on display at the Maddox gallery in the exclusive Mayfair neighbourhood on April 8 and it is valued at 1.4 million dollars.

The 24-year-old artist said that the ‘Make America Great Again’ was created to evoke a reaction from its audience, good or bad, about the significance one places on his physical self.

He added that he drew Trump nude, he was evoking a reaction from people. He tried not to think about it until he spoke to a lawyer who suggested him to go to the police about it and file a report in case something happens.

The work that imagines Trump with a small penis, has been banned from public display in the US and was pulled from social media following the filing of a Digital Millennium Copyright Act notice, claiming that the content infringed on their copyright. (ANI)