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Don’t belittle other parties, Jana warns TRS leaders

Hyderabad: Alleging that the KCR government in Telangana State was resorting to autocratic rule in the pursuit of democracy, Congress Legislature Party (CLP) leader K Jana Reddy has said the ministers were stating there should be no other political party in the State except the ruling TRS party.
Initiating the discussion on budget on Wednesday in the House as an opposition leader, Jana Reddy said just because his party was maintaining restraint attitude, it doesn’t mean that the Congress would not counter the ruling party. “ADMK leader Jayalalitha, who was insulted in the Tamil Nadu Assembly during the DMK rule, became Chief Minister of that State and a two-MP BJP party stormed to power at the Centre by a thumping majority”, he said and warned the TRS members not to forget the history and talk rubbish as they liked. Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao, who revived separate Telangana movement in the name of self-respect, should realize that ‘self-respect’ rule was applicable to everyone. He made it clear that the Congress party was maintaining restraint with a good intention not to turn the Telangana House like Andhra Pradesh Assembly, which was witnessing uproarious scenes every day.
As against his polite nature, the CLP leader exposed the loopholes of the budget introduced by the TRS government in the Assembly. He said the people of the State gave mandate to the TRS in the hope that it would do something to the people. On Wednesday, Jana Reddy started discussion on the budget introduced by the Finance Minister Etela Rajender on March 14.
Condemning the allegations of the TRS party that the Congress party did nothing to the people, Jana Reddy said that it was good if the TRS did better than Congress party but not to say that Congress did nothing to people. The TRS government was drawing Godavari water not because its efforts but because of the Congress party’s efforts. “Congress party laid main pipe line and hence the TRS government supplying water to Gajwel”, he said.
Conveying greetings to the TRS government for introducing TS-IPASS policy for industry, Jana Reddy said the Congress government too had its own industrial policy. “Don’t criticize the Congress party industrial policy. It did its best and they attracted industries in its own way. Whether TRS government will accept if I say that the rains are not coming because of TRS government? We fought against our own government on Srisailam Left Bank Canal”, he reasoned.
Finding fault with the TRS government’s criticism against previous Congress government again and again, Jana said the GSDP was more than national average during 2004-2014. The GSDP growth rate of the Telangana region was more than Gujarat State during 2004-14. Per Capita income too increased during the Congress party regime in a speed manner. He said that the Congress government pooled more assets than debts. The Congress government was the reason to develop the food grains production from 14.54 lakh tons (1956-57) to 107 lakh (2013-14) tons in the Telangana region. The Congress governments developed the nation and the state in all sectors. The Congress government increased the power generation from 2400MW (1947) to 3.85 lakh MW (2013-14).
Stating that it was not correct on the part of the TRS government to chant every time that it did nothing, the Congress government increased the coal based power from 77,000 MW (2013-14) to 1.75 lakh MW (2015-16). “Would you say now that the increase in power generation is because of Narendra Modi government?”, he asked.
Asking the TRS government to tell whether the state was developed in industrial sector not because of Congress party?, Jana Reddy said that the Congress governments established various Central institutions and ancillary companies were set up in Hyderabad. He also questioned whether it was possible to say about IT-HUB without Congress government’s efforts and said that the Congress party kept the Telangana state in the gold plate and gave it TRS party to turn it Golden Telangana. “But due to TRS government’s failure OCTL Company is closed”, he said, adding the Congress would extend cooperation if the TRS government strives for development of the State.
Jana Reddy speech made the members, irrespective of political affiliations, to smile whole heartedly. (NSS)