If we don’t exert pressure, we would be crushed – 12% reservation protest meeting

If we don’t exert pressure, we would be crushed – 12% reservation protest meeting

Hyderabad: TRS Govt. of Telangana has totally failed to implement its election promise to provide 12% reservation for Muslims. Instead of this, Govt. is trying to delay the issues. A protest meeting was held at Indira Park yesterday. It was attended by members of various political parties and social organizations. The speakers demanded 12% reservation and a sub-plan for minorities.

A large number of protesters from all over the districts of Telangana participated in the meeting. There were many ladies who attended the meeting. Mr. Tariq Qadri, Prof. Mohammed Ansari (OU), Mr. Ghysauddin, Mr. Ziauddin, Mr. Farhat Ibrahim, Mr. D. P. Narasimha Rao, Ms. Sakina Fatima, Mr. Abdus Sattar and others addressed the gathering. The speakers stressed the need for providing 12% reservation to Muslims in order to improve social, economic and educational status of Muslims. They said that in all the fronts, Muslims are facing a lot of difficulties. They requested the people to give importance to democratic way of protest. They also demanded budget allocations for Muslims proportionate to their population.

They were of the opinion that if a Muslims is made Dy. CM and another Muslim is nominated as MLC, Muslims will not develop. There is a need to take concrete steps for the development of Muslims.

Ms. Sakina Fatima, Social Worker, told that Muslims should not depend on anyone for getting their rights. They should struggle for it. She pointed out that for getting benefit out of any Govt. scheme, it is essential to seek the help of any middleman. In this manner, financial aid is not reaching the deserving person.

–Siasat News