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Don’t run away to Thailand after UP results: Uma Bharti tells Rahul

Don’t run away to Thailand after UP results: Uma Bharti tells Rahul

Varanasi: BJP’s firebrand leader Uma Bharti on Saturday mocked Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi over the Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections and said that he would run away to Thailand after seeing the results.

“I urge Rahul Gandhi not to run away to Thailand as he is likely to once the assembly election results are out,” she told NDTV.

She challenged him to visit Varanasi’s river banks to see the clean-up work done by her government. “He should come with me to the Ganga and if work to clean it has not started, either he can jump into the Ganga or I will,” she told NDTV

She also accused the Akhilesh Yadav government of posing hurdles to her mission to clean the river Ganga and adviced Rahul Gandhi to call off the alliance with Congress.

On Thursday, Rahul had hit out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi and had accused him of making “conditional promises and deals” even with “Ganga maa”.

“Modi told Maa Ganga that first make him the Prime Minister and then only he will carry out its cleaning works,” said Gandhi while seeking votes for local party MLA Ajai Rai from Pindara assembly seat under Banaras Lok Sabha constituency.

While attacking Modi for allegedly making “conditional promises” to the people of Uttar Pradesh, Gandhi promised in the same vein if Congress-SP alliance forms government in UP it “will give Rs 20 lakh to youths for starting their own business.”

“Modi strikes relationships with the Ganga maa saying he he is beta of Banaras and that Maa Ganga called him to Varanasi,” said Rahul and asked, “Does Maa Ganga had only one son and that too from Gujarat??”

“Ganga belongs to everyone and not to a single person.” Referring to a slew of PM’s alleged promises for Varanasi, Rahul said “Modi had promised Metro rail, did people get it?”

“Modi talked of making Benaras a Kyoto city, give each house clean drinking water, fly luxury planes over Ganga and to set up a Bhojpuri film city here,” said Rahul asking if the city got any of these things till now despite lapse of over three years since he became the PM.

Exuding confidence that Congress-SP alliance would win the UP assembly elections, Gandhi said the polling in the last five phases has shown that voters favoured Congress-SP alliance while “Modi ji lost his smiles had looked sad as if he has already lost the polls.”