Dr. Siraj ur Rahman invited for South Korea World Peace Conference

, 6:58 AM IST

Heavenly Culture, World Peace and Restoration of Light (HWPL), an international non-profit organization based out of South Korea, whose goal is to put an end to war and restore peace through unconditional love and tolerance, is inviting religious scholars from across the globe.

Islamic scholar Dr. Mohammed Siraj ur Rahman dental surgeon has been invited for the conference to be held this year from Hyderabad, South India. Special correspondent James Kin personally visited his clinic Neodent Dental Hospital, Humayun Nagar and invited him for the conference.

Dr. Siraj ur Rahman presented Islamic Literature to Mr. James and introduced Prophet of Islam’s mission. Propagator of Islam Ghulam Nabi Shah Naqshbandi and Mr. Ravi Kumar advocate, President New India Development were also present on the occasion.

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