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Drug racket appears to have Moscow connection

Drug racket appears to have Moscow connection

Hyderabad: Apart from already known sources of the drug supply in Goa, Chicago and Netherlands, busting of drug racket by Excise department indicated that the drugs were allegedly supplied from Moscow.

A cell of Excise department, 15 days ago, had arrested a structural engineer A Piyush on charges of procuring and preparing Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD). However, it was found that he contacted a Moscow-based company, Bash Limited, to get LSD and ETH-LAD (a psychedelic drug similar to LSD).

In an email — Telangana Today has a copy of it — to the company, Piyush wrote: “Hi, Thank you for your support and help. Would it be possible for you to send some goodies/freebies along with the shipment?” “I have made the payment of Euro 63.90 (for order 703149) to your bank account through money2worldservice with reference number – M2WR1151258. You will find the transaction reference number with confirmation as an attached PDF file.”

The items Piyush ordered, according to the attached PDF, were “5x 1A-LSD (ALD-52) 100 mcg and 5x ETH-LAD-blotter 100 mcg”. A person signing as Kim replied: “Your order will be dispatched on the day we receive the payment. We send you a shipping confirmation with tracking ID the same day”. Below the email, the company’s address was mentioned as Bash Limited, Empire Tower, Presnenskaya Naberezhnaya 6C2, Moscow, Russia, 123317.

In another email to Piyush, the sender thanked him for placing the order on their online shop and forwarded details to transfer the total order value. The sender mentioned the account name as Bash along with the bank name as Fidor bank.

While mentioning the beneficiary name as Bash, the beneficiary address was mentioned as Westhafenplatz and beneficiary city as Frankfurt. The bank address was given as Sandstrasse 33 and city as Munich. It was mentioned in the email that the order will not be shipped until the payment was received. The residential address of Piyush in East Marredpally was mentioned in the emails.

According to the investigators, Piyush was allegedly consuming marijuana while pursuing engineering, and after he lost his job, he gradually started collecting information about LSD. He gathered information about preparing drugs, and brought aphrodisiacs and other material and prepared psychotropic substances akin to LSD. With the help of his two associates, he began selling drugs along with original LSD purchased online, they said.