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Eidgah Guttala Begumpet: SC hearing postponed till next month

Eidgah Guttala Begumpet: SC hearing postponed till next month

Hyderabad: Hearing of the case of Eidgah Guttala Begumpet Waqf land which is pending with Supreme Court has been postponed to next month. The hearing was scheduled on Wednesday however due to non submission of counter affidavits by some parties the next hearing is scheduled in October.

Waqf Board is taking measures to protect over 90 acre Waqf land, worth about Rs. 400 Cr, of Eidgah Guttala Begumpet. Chief Executive Officer Mohammed Asadullah took special interest in the case and decided to engage noted lawyers of Supreme Court to follow up the case.

Waqf Board possesses all the documents through which it can claim rights over the 90 acre land, on the basis of which, it is hoped that the Waqf land can be persevered easily.

The High Court had dismissed earlier round of claims by private parties directing them to approach the Waqf tribunal. As the tribunal and the High Court ruled against the private parties, they had moved the Supreme Court in 2015.

However, recently the High Court allowed a review petition by the private parties upholding their claim over the land. In this backdrop, the Waqf Board has moved the Supreme Court.

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