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Engineering students develop GST App for traders

Engineering students develop GST App for traders
Kubera App, Courtesy: India Today

New Delhi: Due to a wide usage of smartphones these days, an App gives the convenience of doing business on the fingertips. The GST has brought the nation to the unified tax system, which will benefit the traders. The procedure of filing GST may be challenging for many small businessmen as they are struggling to get things in order.

To make GST work for small businesses and to avoid them from keeping an extra staff for managing their monthly GST compliance filings, two final year engineering students have developed an App. They belong to Department of Electrical and Electronics of PES College of Engineering in Mandya, reports India Today.

The students developed the App under the guidance of their Professor Dr R Girisha over a period of 8 months. The App can be used for accounting, book-keeping and GST rules and regulations as per the Government of India.

The Kubera App as claimed by the developers outperforms similar products in the market and the best part is that it requires no internet connection. A trader who downloads this App can use features such as inventory management, support for manufacturing, payroll, cloud-based, anytime data access and GST-compliant. All this work can be done by traders on their mobiles itself as Dr. R Girisha explains saying, “85% of the smartphones are based on Android and hence this makes it easy for all to use and the only investment here needed is a smartphone.”

While the filing of GST, there are a lot of fields which should be filled accurately which makes it mandatory to know where to input data for direct and indirect taxes. The App has been created as such it will take certain things automatically and would take the minimum effort of the trader.

Kubera GST App simplifies all this in that while the invoice is generated, the accounting part is also accomplished. “There is POS solution and Accounting solution in one software and the whole process becomes completely easy,” Rakesh G says. He further added that the final output is compatible to be uploaded on the GST server with all the fields filled completely.