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Etala vows to alleviate poverty

Etala vows to alleviate poverty

Finance Minister Etala Rajender today vowed that Telangana State will become a role model and surpass all other states in India in terms of development and welfare by alleviating poverty by catering to the needs of rural people with a focus on economic development and education from primary level to university level.


Inaugurating Telangana Economic Association (TEA) and releasing its bylaws book at RBVRR Reddy Women College at Narayanguda here the minister asserted that development of a state is possible with economic development, research and when purchasing capacity of the people increases. He asked the TEA to offer necessary suggestions and recommendations to the state government for furthering state growth. Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao is spending huge funds for the welfare of the poorest of the poor and deprived sections in the State, he stated.


The State Government is ready to take and implement recommendations from TEA for development of these classes. There are a few sections seeking square meal a day and facing a lot of problems and our focus is on such people who should get rid of such maladies, the finance minister noted. He expressed concern that parents often want their wards either doctors or engineers and not politicians or economists. There are many other courses such as social sciences, economics and other research oriented studies through which the students can excel and prove themselves.


The parents should encourage their children to pursue other courses he said. There were apprehensions when Telangana state came into existence with 9 backward districts. However, under able stewardship of KCR the state is making rapid strides in various departments Rajender claimed. Vision and commitment of the TRS Government is able to route out the problems such as poverty, illiteracy and others he maintained. To strengthen the primary schools to universities KCR launched Gurukul institutions he said. The flagship programs with long term objectives are implemented such as Mission Bhagiratha to provide safe waters to rural populace, Mission Kakatiya to irrigate crops to flourish the rural pockets and Harithaharm program launched to overcome the problem of global warming, he noted. The state government is committed for rural development and implementing many schemes including pensions, subsidy rice and others.


RBI former Governor Dr YV Reddy said Telangana as a small State should become role model by achieving rapid economic development. ICFAI VC Prof J Mahender Reddy also spoke. (NSS)