Ex-mayor Majid Husain hides facts to avoid disqualification

, 2:54 PM IST

Ex-mayor of Hyderabad Municipal Corporation Mohammad Majid Husain has hidden certain facts while filing his nomination for the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) elections.

Though he has three daughters he stated that he has only two thus hiding the facts in order to avoid disqualification. This was alleged by CPI (M) leader Comrade M Srinivas while substantiating his claim by releasing photo copies of birth certificates of three daughter of Majid Husain. He claimed that Majid Husain misused his post to hide the birth of one daughter.

Majid Husain, in the affidavit submitted to the State Election Commission, claimed that he had two daughters, Ayesha Haala and Soghra Hiba. While CPI (M) leader claims that according to the birth certificates they had obtained from Mee Seva Kendra, Majid has two daughters with the same name Ayesha Haala and another daughter whose name is Soghra Hiba.

One such certificate issued by Dr Y Venkata Ravana, Registrar of Births and Deaths, says Ayesha Haala was born to Mohammed Majid Husain and Syeda Juveria Azmath on July 15, 2009, at Fernandez Hospital. The date of registration for birth certificate is July 17, 2009.

According to another birth certificate issued by Dr P Padma, Registrar of Births and Deaths, Circle No 6, GHMC, Ayesha Haala was born to Mohammed Majid Husain and Syeda Juveria Azmath on April 15, 2010 at Nova Hospital, Upparpally, Hyderabad.

This shows that the former mayor has three daughters and had manipulated the birth certificates misusing his powers when he was the mayor.

It must be noted that as per Section 13-B of APM Act, 1965 and Section 21-B of GHMC Act, 1955, a person having more than two children shall be disqualified for contesting election as member. However, if a person is having more than two children before June 1, 1994, he/she shall not be disqualified.

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