Ex-Miss World Diana Hayden gives birth from egg frozen for 8 years

, 11:35 AM IST

Mumbai: Former Miss World and Bollywood personality Diana Hayden delivered a baby girl out of an egg she froze 8 years ago.

Hayden was 32 when she read about the egg freezing technology for the first time in 2005. Between October 2007 and March 2008, she froze 16 eggs.

“I froze my eggs for two reasons: I was busy with my career at that time and, more important, I was very clear that I was going to wait to fall in love and marry before having a baby,” said Diana in her interaction with Times of India.

At 3.7kg and was 55cm long, Arya is much healthier from the average baby born in India.

Arya’s birth proves that egg freezing deemed technically difficult until a decade ago, is a wiser choice for career women.

“A career woman need not think about her biological clock and get pressurized into getting married earlier than she wants to or have a baby when she isn’t ready,” said Hayden

However, it is still a controversial matter.

The process of freezing or thawing eggs may harm the chance of having a successful birth and reduce a woman’s chance of becoming a mother, a new study suggests.