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Powerful explosives recovered in UP Assembly, Yogi wants NIA probe

Powerful explosives recovered in UP Assembly, Yogi wants NIA probe

New Delhi: Amidst UP assemblies first session where the BJP government presented its first budget, a suspicious white powder was found underneath one of the leader’s seat.

The forensic department identified the powder highly explosive organic compound and a plastic explosive called PETN (Pentaerythritol tetranitrate).

CM Adityanath called in for a high-level meeting the next morning to review the security situation at the Assembly.

NIA was assigned to take charge of the situation and carry out investigations by CM and the security footage is also looked into.

Security officials soon reached Assembly and collected the explosives which were sent to the Forensic laboratory for tests.

While addressing the session CM Adityanath, said, “Can we allow anyone to compromise the security of 403 MLAs? This is PETN, this is a dangerous substance. It will be revealed who is behind this. Police verification should be conducted of every security personnel.”

Following the security situation at the Assembly, additional security has now been deployed at the UP Assembly.

Stating the situation as serious, Samajwadi Party has demanded an “immediate inquiry”.

SP leader Rajendra Chaudhary, said, “It should be checked how the explosive powder reached the Assembly. If the Vidhan Sabha is not safe, then you can imagine the safety situation of the rest of Uttar Pradesh,” said SP leader Rajendra Chaudhary.

Following the events Police as arrested Farhan Ahmad from Devariya who threatened to blow up the Assembly on August 15, on a call to ADG of Lucknow zone.

According to the experts, 100 grams of PETN explosive can blow up a car to pieces. The explosive is colourless which makes it even harder to detect if placed in sealed containers.

Following the security situation at the Assembly, security at the assembly has beefed up.