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Extraordinary arrangements at Hyderabadi Rubat for pilgrims

Extraordinary arrangements at Hyderabadi Rubat for pilgrims

Hyderabad: Service of Hajj pilgrims of erstwhile Hyderabad state through Nizam Rubat in Makkah Mukarrama is an honour for me, said Rubat Caretaker Husain Mohammed Al-Shareef. Since his appointment by Saudi government as Rubat Caretaker in 1996, Mr. Husain Mohammed Al-Shareef served about 1 lakh pilgrims. Before him, Mr. Shareef Mohammed advocate served as Rubat Caretaker for 25 years after him his son continued the service.

This year Rubat caretaker has taken two buildings on rent, where free boarding and lodging facility along with other facilities are being provided. Each pilgrim saves nearly 47000 rupees by staying in Rubat. This year 678 pilgrims have been provided accommodation in Rubat.

According to Rubat Caretaker 395 pilgrims belonging to Hyderabad are staying in Rubat. Pilgrims residing in Rubat told that they are being provided food 3 times a day, besides other facilities like laundry, iron board, soap, free WiFi, wheel chair, air-condition, bus service, Zamzam etc.

Husain Mohammed Shareef plans to provide accommodation facility to more pilgrims in the coming years. He told that he enjoys complete patronage of Siasat Editor Mr. Zahed Ali Khan in this endeavour. He also thanked Telangana Hajj Committee and Central Hajj Committee.

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