Wednesday , December 7 2016
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Facebook has hidden many of your messages, get hold of it!

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Facebook has a folder similar to that of spam box in gmail. And could be possible that a lot of your legit messages are in there. Curious to see what you might be missing? First go to settings option in the Messenger, then click on the people tab. Next click on ‘Message Requests’. Then select the text that says ‘See filtered requests’. Then comes a list of messages, check it out.

Last year, the company revamped its Messenger service to get rid of the old system, which categories messages into ones that people might want to see in an “Inbox” and “Other”. It swapped it instead for the normal messages and a folder called “Message Requests” — a place where strangers can ask to contact users. The tool does often accurately spot spam, meaning that most of the things you’ll find there are likely to be ads or creepy, random messages. But others have reported missing information about deaths and other important events.

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