Facebook shuts its news reading app ‘Paper’

, 12:15 PM IST

New York: The Paper app, an iOS exclusive, will see its support come to an end on July 29. Facebook is tossing out the Paper news app. And while the company won’t recycle the app, Facebook will continue to reuse elements of it in the core Facebook app.

Paper, for just another month, offers users a full-screen experience populated with stories for their Facebook News Feeds. Users can customize Paper’s sections by interests and themes. The app also delivers full-screen video and a tilt to pan, a feature that lives on in Facebook’s Instant Articles format.

As Paper prepares to fold, it’ll be yet another hit to media outlets looking to drive up referrals to their websites and the bill-paying ads on them. When Facebook pulls support for Paper at the end of this month, the app will join several other discarded apps that were developed by Facebook’s now-defunct Facebook Creative Labs team. Just a day before revealing Paper is nearing the end of its life, Facebook announced that it has been making more changes to its News Feed formula. With the latest changes to the News Feed, Facebook is prioritizing family and friends over advertisers and news outlets.