Fancy No Craze: Telangana Assembly Speaker Pays 30,000 for Fancy No 5555 for his car

, 3:50 PM IST

Hyderabad: The obsession with Fancy for special numbers among automobile owners is getting so competitive. It have had a huge attraction among affluent Indians especially in states.

A Telangana Assembly Speaker S. Madhusudana Chary has splurged Rs Rs 30,000 on a fancy number (5555) for his personal vehicle.

He went to the RTA office at Khairatabad on Tuesday for his registration. Fortunately no other motorist had applied for the same number, so it was allotted to Mr Chary without an auction.

The fee for a fancy number like 5555 was Rs 30,000 and Mr. Chary paid the amount. JTC T. Raghunath said, when asked about the reason for choosing this particular number, Mr. Chary smiled and said, “Human beings have sentiments.”

The city’s craze for fancy numbers is helping the licensing authority laugh all the way to the bank.