Tuesday , August 22 2017
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Fasting good for diabetics: Dr. SA Majeed

Hyderabad: Diabetes experts say that diabetics can fast during Ramadan with simple precaution and diet changes. Dr. SA Majeed diabetes expert and Director Shifa Hospital told that it is not difficult for sugar patients to fast during Ramadan. In fact fasting cleanses human physical system and improves health. He said sugar patients should prefer low fat food and drink plenty of water. He said fasting persons should consume 4 to 5 litres of water during Sahr and increase intake of zeera water, buttermilk or green tree.

Dr. S A Majeed told that diabetics should avoid pulses, sugar, fatty items, apple etc. while fasting. He advised patients with high sugar level to consult their physician before Ramadan. Diabetics should avoid going out of house in sun. He said instead of avoiding fasting, diabetics can fulfil their obligation by taking precaution and making dietary changes.

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