Tuesday , August 22 2017
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Female Islam convert slams Pauline Hanson claims ‘Muslim cheating the welfare system’

Canberra: A recent female Islam convert slammed Senator Pauline Hanson for saying Muslims are rorting welfare by ‘having multiple wives and numerous children,’ as per Dailymail reports.

The One Nation leader’s in a debate on Sky News claims that Muslims were “getting into housing commission houses” by making false welfare claims.

“You’ve got people out there, of Muslim background, they’re actually having four wives, numerous children, they’re getting into housing commission houses, we’re actually paying for that, and that is not right.”

Sara, a mother from Sydney,who recently embraced Islam, angrily rejected Hanson’s views that Muslim were cheating the welfare system.

“Every Muslim friend I have works very hard; they’re from countries like Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, and in those cultures, it’s actually very shameful not to work hard to support your family, said Sara.

“She has created in the society I grew up in a culture of fear, where it’s not safe for me to walk down the street with my child in suburbs that are predominantly white and note multicultural.

“I have to take off my hijab when I take my daughter to some areas of Sydney and neighbouring towns – that’s not a position any woman should ever be placed in.

“Pauline really needs to sit down with someone — perhaps me, I would love to — and actually get some facts.”

Barrister Bilal Rauf, an advocate for the Muslim community refuted her claim.

“I would be very surprised if she had any information or statistics to back that up,” he said. “I expect these are statements … to fan the flames of division and ignorance so people become concerned and she can get some attention.”

South Australia Nick Xenophon who was shocked by her remarks quickly dismissed her claims by saying ‘polygamy is not legal in this country’.

Nick argued Ms Hanson for singling out Muslims in her argument. “You can’t single out one religion and pick on them,” he said.