All fingers point out at Babu Rao, Addl. DCP South Zone for supporting MIM

, 7:29 AM IST

Hyderabad: The role of Mr. Babu Rao, Addl. DCP of South Zone has become dubious. Wherever action was taken against anti-MIM candidates, the role of Babu Rao was important. He arrested anti-MIM leaders and workers and gave free hand to MIM to affect voting.

It was reported that DCP of South Zone, Mr. V. Satyanarayana had instructed the police personnel to check identity cards of the persons approaching polling booths. This instruction was given on telephone sets but Mr. Babu Rao stopped the sub-ordinate police staff from checking identity cards. In this manner, he helped indirectly proxy voting. Some citizens compliant that in places where there was heavy polling against MIM, Babu Rao was very active in creating the atmosphere of fear.

–Siasat News