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FIR against Sadhvi Prachi for ‘Muslim-free India’ statement

FIR against Sadhvi Prachi for ‘Muslim-free India’ statement

Trivandrum: Activist Rahul Easwar filed an FIR against Sadhvi Prachi for her recent “Muslim-mukt Bharat,” remark.

Rahul pointed out that Sadhvi Prachi’s statements are “offensive in nature and will harm the secular fabric of our nation”.

Speaking exclusively to dna, Rahul Easwar said, “I have never hidden the fact that I have right wing views, though I am not affiliated to any political party. But Sadhvi Prachi’s statements cannot be condoned and they do not serve any purpose. Her statement about making India Muslim-free is exactly like what the Germans said decades back about the Jews. Such statements create a negative vibe in the country and I strongly believe she should be arrested and put behind bars symbolically for a few days at least!”

She was charged under the 153 A and 295 A of the Indian Penal Code.

Rahul fumes, “I am taking the initiative of filing the FIR because if a Muslim does it then they will say it is communal. Prime Minister Narendra Modi was just honoured with the highest civilian honour by Saudi Arabia and wished people on Ramadan just a day or so back. And here she is making such offensive statements.”

Rahul emphasized that Sadhvi’s statement went against the spirit of the Indian Constitution.

“When you say Bharat Mata has a population of over 1.3 billion, these include not just the Hindus but Muslims and other religious minorities as well. Even when I identify myself as a strong pro-Hindu centre right leaning person, I don’t have to be anti-Muslim to reinforce that image. Why can’t we take a cue from our Indian PM Narendra Modi who –while on his visit to Brussels in the aftermath of the terror attack in March 2016- had made an impassioned plea for the delinking of religion from terrorism? Many people question me why I did not raise my voice against Akbaruddin Owaisi who had issued a clarion call for the extermination of all Hindus. In fact, I did file one and was one of the first to initiate an online campaign against that traitor. We need to opt for a Gandhian approach in such matters,” he elaborates.