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Firefox Bikes supports Indian cyclist to embark his world journey on wheels

Firefox Bikes supports Indian cyclist to embark his world journey on wheels

New Delhi : Firefox Bikes, a leading premium bike brand is supporting 28 year old Cyclist Abhishek Kumar Sharma in his journey on two wheels around the world that starts from Frankfurt, Germany.

The traveler has done a Bharat Bhraman for the Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan and has been recognized by Prime Minister of India for his contribution.

The around the world on bicycle tour aims at climate change and world peace awareness program. Cycling being the most energy efficient urban transport mode has a high potential to reduce energy consumption and to enhance the livability.

Anyone can get partway to carbon neutrality through how they live their life as reduction of energy consumption directly leads to reduction of used carbon footprints. The campaign is popularly known to be ‘V for World Peace’ campaign.

The journey is aimed to cover 80+ countries, five continents, 700+ cities, which is almost 90,000 kilometers and will reach out to approximately 10,000,000 people.

Abhishek Kumar Sharma is a World Traveler, Environmentalist, Cyclist, Storyteller and Dreamer. He is tempting to spread awareness among students of schools, colleges, universities and also encourage these institutions to start a chapter on climate change and world peace awareness program, promote the yoga and meditation importance for everyone to live happier and healthier life.

To popularize environment-health friendly cycling, Firefox Bikes has always supported such environment friendly efforts and campaigns by sports-environment enthusiasts. The company will be supporting Abhishek Kumar in his campaign in all possible ways.

“Abhishek Kumar Sharma’s thought provoking words and action only prove that there is so much

more goodness in the world. His passion for cycling and belief to be the reason to create a change can ignite anyone to work towards the same path. I wish him good luck for his journey and I know he will create the best and positive impact on people across the globe as he aims to,” said CEO Firefox Bikes, Shiv Inder Singh. (ANI)