Wednesday , August 23 2017
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The firstever Dog channel!

UK: An average American spends around five hours a day watching TV. As pet owners they know, their pet’s spend a lot of time sitting in front of the television as their companions, but they rarely watch it.
The people behind DogTV aims to change this. Named as “the perfect babysitter for dogs who have to stay home alone,” DogTV isn’t just a TV channel about dogs; it’s a TV channel for them. Airing 24 hours a day, this channel will show short clips of canines in a variety of situations-chasing each other, riding in the car with their owners, napping.
The channel will cost $4.99 monthly, will be launched on DirecTV on Thursday and will also be available through online streaming and Roku boxes is for those of who suffer the guilt of leaving their dog’s alone for hours each day.
One reason that dogs don’t care about TV is it doesn’t look like TV to them due to faster frame rate than the human. But , the New LCD technology enables dog to watch TV like a TV, according to Huffington Post.