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Five intelligence officers killed outside Baqa’a refugee camp attack

Five intelligence officers killed outside Baqa’a refugee camp attack

Jordan: Five Jordanian intelligence officers have been killed in an attack on an office of Jordan’s intelligence services at a refugee camp near the capital, Amman, said a government official on national media.

The incident, was confirmed by the country’s minister of media affairs, Mohammed al- Momani, who said it took place at an office in the Baqa’a refugee camp on the outskirts of the Jordanian capital was a “terrorist attack” just before 7am (4am GMT) on Monday morning.

Mr. Momani said the attack was carried out by those with the “criminal behaviour of people who are outside of our religion”. The security forces have arrested a suspect.

Three officers, a guard and a telephone exchange operator at the office were killed. The camp provide shelter to more than 70,000 refugees. It is the largest of the kingdom’s 10 official Palestinian refugee camps.

The official said. “This terrorist attack is a clear example of the criminal behavior of these individuals. Security agencies have launched an investigation and now pursuing the killers.”

Husam Abdallat, a former senior government Official said. “We hope this is not the case, because Jordanians must stay united, especially in times
like this.”

Jordan has been carrying out air strikes against ISIL in both Iraq and Syria and also opened up the Prince Hassan airbase, northeast of the capital, to other members of the United States-led coalition
taking part in the war against ISIL.