Thursday , August 24 2017
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Five killed by lightning strike in Madhya Pradesh

Five killed by lightning strike in Madhya Pradesh
Lightning strikes over Lake Maracaibo in the village of Ologa, where the Catatumbo River feeds into the lake, in the western state of Zulia October 23, 2014. This year the Catatumbo Lightning was approved for inclusion in the 2015 edition of Guinness World Records, dethroning the Congolese town of Kifuka as the place with the world's most lightning bolts per square kilometer each year at 250. Scientists think the Catatumbo, named for a river that runs into the lake, is normal lightning that just happens to occur far more than anywhere else, due to local topography and wind patterns. Picture taken with long exposure October 23, 2014. REUTERS/Jorge Silva (VENEZUELA - Tags: SOCIETY ENVIRONMENT TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY) ATTENTION EDITORS: PICTURE 10 OF 20 FOR WIDER IMAGE PACKAGE 'VENEZUELA'S ETERNAL STORM' TO FIND ALL IMAGES SEARCH 'CATATUMBO LIGHTNING'

Bhopal: Five people were killed and two were injured after being struck by lightning in separate incidents in Chhindwara and Mandsaur districts since yesterday morning, as the monsoon got active in parts of Madhya Pradesh.

Draupadi Bobde (55), Rajni Bobde (35) and Shanti Paradkar (45) died and Devnath and Manku sustained injuries when lightning struck them at Umrikhurd in Pandhurna tehsil of Chhindwara district yesterday, police said.

The victims were working in a field.

Another woman, Surekha (22), was killed by lightning strike while working in a field at Janbhi in Amarwara tehsil of the district last evening.

Richhalal Muha (60) died due to lightning strike while working in a field in Bhaugarh area of Mandsaur district last night, said police sub-inspector Gaurav Laud.

India Meteorological Department’s Bhopal Centre Director Dr Anupam Kashyapi told PTI that monsoon has reached some parts of the state, and it will cover south-east and central Madhya Pradesh soon.