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Former Herat governor kidnapped in Pakistan

Former Herat governor kidnapped in Pakistan

Islamabad : Former Herat province governor Sayed Fazlullah Wahidi has reportedly been kidnaped by unknown armed men in Islamabad.

The Express Tribune reported that Wahidi was in Islamabad with his family to acquire visas to travel to the UK.

Pakistan officials were quoted, as saying that Wahidi had gone to a restaurant with his 12-year-old grandson when unidentified persons arrived in two vehicles and kidnapped him, leaving the child behind.

Pakistan media quoted official sources,as saying that the former governor was staying at a guesthouse in Islamabad’s F-7 sector and was near the Rana Market when he was abducted.

The officials added that the reason behind the former governor’s kidnapping is unknown.

Afghan Embassy officials in Islamabad said they have registered a case with the police about the abduction of the former governor.(ANI)