Tuesday , August 22 2017
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Fraud Om Baba publicly beaten in New Delhi

New Delhi: A video has gone viral on YouTube where Om Baba is publicly beaten in public in Vikas Nagar, New Delhi.

Fraud Om Baba was invited as a guest on Nathuram Godse’s birth anniversary in Vikas Nagar.

The program turned violent went public remarked about Baba’s presence in the program.

When Baba sensed the program is turning crazy and beyond control, he decided to leave the venue politely.

A person named Jitendra who was answering his purpose for inviting the Fraud Baba got down the stage and blocked Baba from leaving the venue.

Baba’s wig fell out when he was beaten as can be seen in the video that went viral on Youtube and other social platforms.

When the reporters asked Baba why he was beaten, ashamed Baba replied saying ‘how would he know the reason, the reporters should ask the person who has invited him to the program’, he left the venue holding his wig in hurry.

Later as can be seen in the video Baba has blamed Salman Khan and a person named Santosh Rai behind this.

He claims that this was a conspiracy to kill him and that Salman Khan has sent goons to do so.

When the reporter asks him why was he beaten in publicly he claims this incident was a conspiracy against him as he is fighting against Dawood Ibrahim, Hafeez Sayeed and others.