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George Clooney slams ‘obscene’ amount in Hillary Clinton fundraiser

George Clooney slams ‘obscene’ amount in Hillary Clinton fundraiser

Melbourne : Actor/director George Clooney, though a supporter of Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid, supported presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders by condemning the “obscene” sums of money in the US politics.

This remark came in an interview after he, with his wife Amal, hosted a fundraiser on Democratic Party hopeful Clinton’s behalf on April 15 night with a price tag of up to 353,400 dollar per couple, reports News.com.au.

The 54-year-old actor said that the protestors “were absolutely right” as the fund they raised was “an obscene amount of money.”

Adding on to it, Clooney said that he agrees to the fact that “it is ridiculous” to have “this kind of money in politics.”

Sanders supporters and Republican political operatives criticized the high price tags attached to the fund raising events and released an ad running in local markets which built around the controversy. (ANI)