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GHMC arrangements for Ramadan, orders issued

GHMC arrangements for Ramadan, orders issued

Special arrangements will be made by Municipal Corporation for the month of Ramadan to begin in the first week of June. Municipal Commissioner Dr. B Janardhan Reddy told this. He issued special orders on Saturday.

Preference is being done to special cleaning arrangements near Masajid and Eidgahs. Big plastic covers will be distributed in the masajid so that the leftover things of Iftar can be put in those covers. Orders stated that marking will be done on the roads leading to masajid and Eidgah. Special cleaning arrangements would be made around masajid. Other arrangements include cleaning of roads, arrangement of street lights, fogging, catching of stray dogs.

Orders have been issued to food inspectors to inspect food items especially Haleem and Harees a popular dish served during Ramadan.

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