GHMC Commissioner’s appeal to citizens shows pathetic condition of roads

, 12:26 PM IST
HYDERABAD, AUG 31 (UNI):-A Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) worker clean a flooded road after heavy rain in Hyderabad on Wednesday. UNI PHOTO -19U

Hyderabad: As rains lashed Hyderabad on Wednesday morning, Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation Commissioner Dr. Janardhan Reddy made appeal to citizens not to venture out of their houses for three times. This shows the poor condition of roads in the city.

The first appeal was made just after the first two hours of rain on 8 o’clock. He appealed again after one hour which worried the citizens. Meanwhile Traffic Police Department used social media and other means of communication to inform citizens about the condition of various roads of the city. GHMC was also using various sources to alert public. Commissioner made appeal for the third time urging citizens not to venture out of houses for another hour.

It must be noted that the rains in the city on Wednesday had led to massive traffic jams and claimed eight lives in different accidents of wall collapse and roof collapse.

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