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Govt. plans to lease out key Waqf lands for 30 years

Govt. plans to lease out key Waqf lands for 30 years

Hyderabad: Telangana Government is planning to lease out 11 key Waqf lands for 30 years. Some of the lands are under litigations due to which it would not be easy for Waqf Board to lease them out.

The list issued by the government includes 1.2 acres of land of Masjid Aalamgir, Hitex and 2000-sqyd land of Moin Manzil, Abids whose cases are pending with the court. Until the cases are settled, no private company will come forward to take them on lease.

The list also included 6000 sqyds land of Dargah Hazrat Barhana Shah but the matter hit deadlock after the orders were issued, because of local political party. Government had planned to lease out the land for business activities however local party floor leader demanded to allot the land for construction of school which has been accepted by chief Minister. In this situation the government will have to issue new list with fresh orders.

Leasing out the lands aims at increasing Waqf revenue but Waqf Board will require a lot of time for the whole process of leasing out the properties as the lands will have to be made dispute free before leasing them out.

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